Top Ten Bookworm Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Each week, a new topic is put into place and bloggers share their top ten accordingly. Bookworm delights refers to book related experiences that make you happy!
  1. Looking for books at used book shops/ charity shops- I’m a broke student okay most books I own are either presents or from charity stores lmao
  2. Stumbling across a random book series by accident and loving it – I love that feeling when you come across a book/series that isn’t well known, usually self-published one, and find yourself falling in love with that story SO much and you just want to chuck the book at anyone and everything. (see: The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic)
  3. Stunning book covers – We’ve all been there, picked up a book and saw the blurb and thought “ok sounds good but what the actual fuck is that cover tho?” (sometimes if they have ugly covers, I like to re-imagine better ones for them in my head) But every now and then, you’ll see a book with such a pretty cover that you spend more time looking at the cover rather than reading it. (see: Rebels of the Sand – Alwyn Hamilton – this post is on a queue and I bet I still haven’t read the book yet when it’s posted)
  4. GLOW IN THE DARK COVERS – ok the only series I’ve read that had these were Morganville Vampires and I’m still low key bitter that they changed them halfway through the series.
  5. Designs on hardback copies (without the dust jacket on) – I don’t even know how to explain this haha. But I like it when hardback copies aren’t plain. Here’s an example:

    Image Source
  6. When the title of the book is referenced in the book – ok I’m really picky about this but I only liked it when the title is referenced without being really obvious. (sorry thg and divergent, you don’t count this time) A great example would be Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine (k i love this book to death and will most likely never stop talking about it) I actually had no idea how the title fit with the story until the quote “You have ink in your blood, boy, and no help for it. Books will never be just a business to you.” There’s also another quote but I can’t find it right now. And then it made sense, and it made me a bit giddy and more excited to read it. lmao this is so poorly explained but yeah, I like it.
  7. Watching a book fandom grow – This is related to The Foxhole Court. Since I joined that book fandom in late Jan/ early Feb, and the fandom was small and in the span of a month, it exploded and it was AMAZING. So many new headcanons, fanart and fanfic! (I’m so going to make this happen to Ink and Bone – any bookish person needs to read it)
  8.  Meeting someone who likes to read the same things you do – This isn’t very common for me since I don’t know many bookish people in real life so actually meeting someone who liked (or dislike!) the same stuff as me is rare.
  9. Knowing you have all the time in the world to sit and enjoy your book – Right now, I’m in exam frenzy so I barely have time to sit and fully enjoy book. (July 23rd needs to come soon!)
  10. Someone loving a book you recommended – For some reason, I am incapable of not talking about Ink and Bone or The Foxhole Court in this post. I made my cousin read Ink and Bone, and she finished the whole book in three hours! We spend ages face timing talking about it, and fangirling over Khario (Dario x Khalila – the best otp in that book – Wolfe and Santi are a close second.) My Tumblr has been a TFC mess recently, and it made me happy that someone saw that mess and decided to read the series as well.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookworm Delights

  1. Cover designers have picked up their game SO MUCH in the more recent years, I’ve been constantly amazed by how much the book has become something of a decorative object. There are just some covers I literally can’t get over because of how pretty they are… and if they’re hardbacks, like you say, even better. Rebel of the Sands is actually one of my favourite as well, coincidentally. 😛

    And as for #6 – I actually find it usually more corny rather than anything else when it’s obvious. For example say a book is titled “The Girl of Fire and Roses” (for example) and a character calls another those exact words, it usually feels a bit off and awkward to me, haha.

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    1. Same! I’m glad designers are moving away from covers where they just slap a random model on the cover and create covers that really fit the story !!!

      As for #6, I am SO specific so if we use your example and I read that in a book, I would’ve cringed so much as well ahah


      1. I knooow. Some books are so GORGEOUS they’ve actually become decorative objects, now. 😛

        LOL, sorry. I’ve read books with that kind of example and they’re what popped up in my mind when I think about books referencing their titles. 😛

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  2. I loveeee book covers!!! I love it when book designers get it right! Sometimes I feel really sad for good books with bad covers, and sorta wish they could do a do over. I’m so glad this was on your list 😀

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  3. I have some great charity shops near me and used to be in them every week – I’ve kind of had to calm down a little with that because it was getting silly! I would have to move into a mansion just for the books!
    Lynn 😀

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