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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature once hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, but has now moved to That Artsy Reader Girl! Each week, a new topic is put into place and bloggers share their top ten (or your own amount) accordingly.

This week’s topic Bookish Items/Merchandise I’d Like to Own. I don’t really buy book merchandise since most of the books I would buy merchandise for don’t have a big enough following to have people making them and I don’t actually have enough space at home to keep them. So this is part what I like/part wishlist of things I would buy. πŸ˜‚


Bookmarks are like my #1 when it comes to bookish merchandise. Like, you can never have too many markers. When it comes to me, I’m constantly shoving scrap pieces of paper into my books. It’s just neater and nicer to have even a simple bookmark. But having said that, I do lose a lot of bookmarks. πŸ™„


via myΒ Instagram


2. Candles

I think candles are something I rarely buy. Since I barely light them myself, I often ignore candles on merch stores. But I often come across so many that have me tempting my shopping cart. 😍

image 0
Shatter Me Inspired Candles by IceyDesigns


3. Badges/ Pins

Here, I’m referring more to enamel pins. I don’t think we often see detailed enamel pins within the bookish community that often. I’d love to see them more. Within the K-Pop community, there’s a ton of enamel pin makers, and it’d be pretty cool to see some based on books as well. I recently bought this circular pin from a store called on Instagram that made this BTS inspired pin. The upper layer of the pin moves to show different countries, like their song Airplane, Pt. 2. I don’t expect anyone to go to this level, but it’d be cool to see more pins in this fashion.

2018-11-12 08.08.56 1.jpg
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

4. Items from the book

Items that are mentioned in the book being made in real life is like my favourite thing ever.Β  Especially if they’re something really unique to the series. I used to have a Mockingjay pin that I wore on my high school cardigan for like three years.Β  I was like the honorary THG fan at my school, I was legit obsessed with it. πŸ˜‚

Via my Instagram. This picture is also five years old. 😱 My first ever post on Instagram as well. Oh my god, what an actual blast to the past.

5. Jewellery

I think small jewellery based on stuff from books are really cute and I wish they were a more common thing. I used to own a Divergent necklace that had the Dauntless logo on it. πŸ”₯

Via my Instagram. Again, another picture from over four years ago. It’s strange to see how my book tastes have changed over the years.

6. Stickers

I’m the biggest sucker for stickers. Recently, I’ve been on an Ali Express sticker spree so I could make my journal prettier. And once all my orders came together, I hadn’t realised I had bought so many stickers. But, yes, I would definitely love more bookish sticker packs. I would make them myself but my drawing skills are atrocious.

7. Prints

I really enjoy prints, especially small ones. I have no use at all for huge posters because I keep my walls plain. So I’ve often bought stuff that I have left me with posters I have no idea what to do with. Smaller ones are easier to collect and keep in books. And sometimes I like having the stuff to put in my journal.

What’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments!Β πŸ€—

13 thoughts on “Bookish Merchandise

  1. I’m often tempted by pins, but I have to admit.. If there’d be more bookish pins as detailed as the one you’re showcasing in this post, I’d be MORE than tempted and probably end up buying some, haha.
    I used to buy a lot of candles but I stopped doing that. I simply don’t burn them all that often? The boyfriend doesn’t like the smells I like and vice versa, so it often leads to him blowing out my scented candles if I do light one. Safe to say I gave up after a while. πŸ˜›
    Here’s my TTT should you be interested! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s so many books I can think of that I would have really cool pin designs if people did make them. I really do hope it trends in the bookish community. Candles are a bit tricky for me as well. They look so pretty and tempting but I know I would never use them. Pins are easy and could be stuck anywhere.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The backing of my mockingjay pin was really weak as well. I almost lost it a couple of times. 😦 I ended up taking a backing from another pin I didn’t want to secure it.


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