Monthly Rewind: January 2021


I actually surprised myself by reading 15 books this month. I have never read this much in a month, but I chalk it up to the UK being on its third lockdown. And now that I’ve graduated, all I can do it look for graduate jobs and read. It feel weird having this much time to read, but I quite enjoyed most of the books I read this month!

  • Six of Crows – I have finally read Six of Crows! I had bought a copy back when it was released but I hadn’t finished the Grisha Trilogy yet. So this book slowly fell down my TBR list because I had taken so long to read the first series. I didn’t like the trilogy that much, but I can definitely see the improvement in SOC. Pray I don’t take four years to read its sequel.
  • Loveboat, Taipei – I have really surprised myself this year with reading more contemporary novels and actually enjoying them for once! Loveboat was so good!
  • The Chosen – Eh, a little disappointing considering I have enjoyed reading Matharu’s previous series with my cousin.
  • Remnants of the Atonement – First DNF of the year 😦 I requested an arc because of a reddit post, but now I feel like I’ve been bamboozled.
  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown – “Yours, Red.” Two damn words and I was a MESS. Damn, who is this person I’ve become that suddenly enjoys contemporary.
  • The Song of Achilles (RE-READ) – I have been playing too much of Supergiant’s Hades. I’ve been desperately trying to reunite Patroclus and Achilles in-game, but it’s hard because I can never seem to find the room where Patroclus can be found.
  • A Place for Us – A book that hit a bit too deep for me. Man, I was sobbing at 3 am.
  • Act Your Age, Eve Brown – My favourite of the Brown trilogy. Which was a surprise considering I didn’t think much of Eve, judging from the first two books.
  • Spy x Family – I’m never too sure how to categorise manga volumes especially since it can add up rather quickly. So when I do challenges like the Goodreads Yearly Challenge, I’m not too sure where to count the entire manga or individual volumes. I read volumes 5 & 6 and this manga really does not miss a single beat! A spy adopts an orphan in order to infiltrate a private school and hires a women to be his wife. What he doesn’t know is that his “daughter” can read minds and his “wife” is an undercover assassin. It’s extremely funny and I hear there’s a possible anime adaptation!
  • Version Zero – A disappointing read. I thought I would enjoy this a lot more. But I am interested in checking out David Yoon’s YA stuff now.
  • Amina’s Song – Sequel to Amina’s Voice. I actually preferred this one to the first. A delightful companion novel that I would highly recommend to younger readers!
  • Kawaii Hito – I saw this manga being recommended on TikTok and decided to give it a chance. It’s so adorable! The main lead is a florist in his family store but his face scares off everyone, so he tends to shy away. That is until he gets a girlfriend and the manga chronicles the first year of their relationship. I think there’s around seven volumes so it’s on the short side for manga, but I definitely recommend.


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A feature section to highlight my favourite posts from my fellow bloggers that were posted this month. 

That’s it for this month! Tell me what went on in YOUR life this month! What sort of things was important for you this month? New obsessions? New TV shows? Or book? Any new song recs (I’m always open to new music!)? Best books you read this month?

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3 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: January 2021

  1. Me nodding at Loveboat, Taipei + Empress of Salt and Fortune + Descendant of the Crane and thinking: YES, WE LOVE TO SEE IMPECCABLE TASTE.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog post!


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