Muslims in YA

Please note: I’m speaking from the view of mainstream publishers, as there have been Islamic companies who have attempted to provide representation.

In YA novels, there are few Muslim characters. I started making this list for my cousin who wanted to read more YA novels with Muslim characters in them. So that’s why I decided to post the list here. This is by no means a completed list but it gives an indication of the novels that exist with Muslim characters in the YA publishing sphere. I’ll be continuously updating it. Please drop a comment below if I’ve missed one out!

Note: I have not read all these books yet but I’m trying to avoid adding books that feature misrepresentation, stereotypes and tokenism – which was something I didn’t do when I made the original list three years ago. If you’ve read a book on here and believe it includes problematic rep – please tell me and I’ll change it accordingly.

I’m still fairly new to using plugins, so at the moment, you can’t filter for novels that have Muslim MC versus Muslim side characters. Please check the notes of each book regarding information of each other. (again still a work in progress)

LAST UPDATED: 08/08/2020

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    1. Thanks! I’m still figuring out the best way to showcase the books since this list is getting longer. But I have plugins on my blog now so hopefully I can find one that will help me sort out this page better and include my reviews 😄

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