Monthly Rewind: March 2019

Monthly Rewind: March 2019


During the month of March, I managed to read 10 books. How I managed that is beyond me. This month felt like two months.

The Infinite
I completely forgot to write a review for this but I LOVED it. I heard this series was hyped a lot when it was first out, and it’s a shame I missed it all in my early blog days! I really want to see how this series end but this came out in 2015! And I haven’t found anything that suggests the final book any time soon.

Super cute, and adorable. Really short. Works well as a great pick-me-up read.

The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali
From my review: “The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali is an emotional, page-turning read. It’s personal and bold, with a hopeful and happy ending. Khan is making a splash with her brilliant debut novel that and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future. ”

It’s Not About The Burqa
“A much-needed collection of essays from Muslim women on faith, feminism and sexuality as a Muslim woman.” My short review

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Review: The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali

Review: The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Rukhsana tries her best to live up to her parent’s unbelievably high expectation. Luckily for her, she has only months between her life in Seattle to her new life in Caltech, where she can hope to be herself with her girlfriend, Ariana. But when her parents catch her with her girlfriend, she finds herself travelling to Bangladesh, believing she was visiting a sick relative and stripped off her passport until she agrees to an arranged marriage. As she plans to return to the States, she discovers her grandmother’s diary and learns to find strength without losing her family in the process.

This book is emotional and brilliant in every way possible. I warn it isn’t an easy read. It discusses colourism, homophobia, Islamophobia, assault, abuse, forced marriage and hate crimes. The sheer depth of this book is mesmerising and packs a hell of a punch. Rukhsana’s experience is one that is all too real and heart-breaking.

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