BOOK REVIEW: Killing the Dead By Marcus Sedgwick

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GoodReads Summary:

Set in a girls’ boarding school in Massachusetts a haunting and sinister story YA story for World Book Day from prize-winning author Marcus Sedgwick. 1963.

Foxgrove School near Stockbridge, Massachusetts. One of the oldest and finest academies in the country – but what really goes on behind closed doors?

Nathaniel Drake, the new young English teacher, Isobel Milewski, the quiet girl who loved to draw spirals, her fingers stained with green ink, Jack Lewis, who lent Isobel books – just words, just ink on paper, Margot Leya, the girl with those eyes – who are they, what part have they played in killing the dead?

Follow the dark, dark path Into the dark, dark woods To the dark, dark bridge. By the dark, dark water. Linger. Let the ghosts of heaven tell their story.

A stylish and creepy story for World Book Day from prize-winning author Marcus Sedgwick.

My Review:

Rating: ★★★★☆

Set in girls boarding school, Killing the Dead is a sinister YA story released for World Book Day 2015.

It is an enjoyable read – one that throws in a little paranormal atmosphere.Sedgwick managed to fit such an enthralling cast of characters into such a short book, bringing to life the private school for girls well for a limited word count and it was pleasing to read. The story begins with just one view and then as the story progresses, more and more points of view are explored so you could not guess what the climax of the story was going to be. The way in which information was revealed reflects one of the main themes of the story – spirals. However, I did guess that Margot had something to do with it. (Why would a ghost haunt you unless you’ve done something to piss it off?)

However, I feel as though I still didn’t understand some parts of it. There were individual mysterious sections that felt too vague, to the point where I didn’t know what was supposed to be happening and had to re-read that part. Overall, I did enjoy the book. It’s quick and easy, and a good creepy story from Marcus Sedgwick. I might look into his other books. 🙂

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