Book Review: Secrets in Phoenix (Phoenix Holt #1)

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

When fifteen-year-old Sophie is sent, alongside her twin brothers, to a remote village and enrolled in a strange boarding school by their Great Aunt Ness, they never expected to find a hidden room which reveals that the residents of Phoenix Holt are anything but ordinary. And neither is her family.

I have to say I was extremely impressed with this one from Lapore. She seems to have this ongoing thing with witches in her novel, and since she has so many, I went in reading thinking it was going to be waay similar to How I Found You. But it wasn’t. And I certainly preferred this one than How I Found You.

It was a fun and energetic read from Lapore as we follow Sophie and her polar opposite twin brothers Sam and Todd in a journey to Phoenix Holt from their home of Port Dalton. I really enjoyed her writing style, it’s simple yet descriptive that you’re not overwhelmed by the language. What I really enjoyed were the moments between all three siblings, they played pranks, treated each other like crap, but at the end of the day showed that they cared for each other. It was just a nice difference compared to other YA I’ve read recently where siblings don’t exist or just distant to the storyline.

However, I wish there was a better development between Sophie and Jaxon. I know it would develop in the next novels, but it felt quite plain although I did enjoy Jaxon’s past which was really interesting. I also did have an issue with the boarding school. It was boys only, but it was never addressed why? Since the reason behind them being there is a massive spoiler, I won’t say, but it was confusing as to why no girls were there.

Overall, an interesting novel about witches, family and just the beginning of what Gabriella is capable of doing with this world.

Kindle Edition, 240 pages
Published October 13th 2015 by Oftomes Publishing


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