Today’s post is going to be a little different. I’ve decided to do an unboxing review of ASTRO’s Second Makestar Photobook. For those who don’t know ASTRO, they are a six-member K-Pop boy group, and they are my absolute favourite!

I became a fan around the time the first photobook was happening. But I never bought it because of 1. I hadn’t yet realised how much I would love them and their music yet 2. I actually couldn’t afford the photobook at the time. So when the second time came around, I knew I had to purchase one!

I will include a youtube video I made of me unboxing the photobook, the toy stamps and the extra goodies we received every time we reached a stretch goal. (We received photo cards, postcards, bookmarks and then a poster) I also do a little flip through of the book. (Not all of the book though, it’s pretty massive and would’ve made the video twenty minutes long) I did intend this to be a speaking unboxing but I, unfortunately, was sick at the time of filming but imagine me fangirling as I go through the goods because I was!

Okay, so the first thing I start off with some of the goods we received for reaching each specific stretch goals. I was stunned that photocards weren’t already included since most K-pop related things tend to have them by default. But it was a nice touch, and I really liked the pictures they used for them. The second was the bookmarks. I didn’t realise until I made this post, but I got an extra Eunwoo bookmark without noticing. The third was the postcards which were my favourite extra of the entire photobook. The pictures were taken really well and overall, I really enjoyed all the extras we got.


GIF: Flicking through a set of photo cards that have pictures of ASTRO members. 



GIF: Flicking through a set of bookmarks that have images of ASTRO members. 



GIF: Flicking through a set of postcards that have images of ASTRO members. 

I bought set four which included three Astro toy stamps, and I decided to choose my top three who were MJ, ROCKY AND JINJIN.

When the stamps are tapped on the MAKESTAR mobile app, it has behind-the-scenes photobook video and unreleased photobook photos. This was the one thing I was wary about. I had a lot of issues actually building each toy. It was slightly fiddly and messy to make once you bring in glue to piece everything together. Jinjin (white shirt) was the one I made last so by then I was already a pro at building the stamp. Considering how much we ended up raising for the project, I was kind of hoping they would upgrade the paper toys to something more sturdy. Maybe, something along the lines of an Amiibo.

Regarding shipping, I get why they used paper since anything else would’ve made shipping a lot more expensive than it already was. (the Photobook is MASSIVE and HEAVY)

I wish there was an alternative to people who may not be able to keep these for show. I know my mum wouldn’t be happy with these out in my room so they’re currently hidden behind my camera box on top of my wardrobe. Once I’ve saved everything from the app,  I’m actually worried about how quickly it will all collapse despite all the glue and sellotape. Nonetheless, they are a really, really cute product.


IMAGE: Three paper toy stamps in the image of ASTRO members: (left to right: Rocky, MJ and Jinjin)



I think that’s it for now. I did get a poster as well which I won’t be keeping and I’ll probably do a giveaway on twitter somewhere down the line. So any Arohas here (or potential Arohas…..) watch out for that. I really, really loved this photobook. The photos are brilliant, Makestar did a really outstanding job the second time around. The pictures from the first were well done, but they’ve really outdone themselves with book two here.


  1. Hi! Thanks for showing this. I saw the toy stamp for sale one site and was wondering how it looks like. Now I have an idea because of your post, and I don’t get to see it quite often 😅 just wondering, aside that it can be built into a figure, what does it do? Since it is quite expensive. Thank you


    1. Hi, the base of the doll can be scanned on your phones. Using the makestar app, you can access specific pictures and videos of the idol whose doll you have! Apart from that, its mainly a decorative thing!


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