Monthly Rewind: November 2019


During the month of November, I read 5 books.

The Wolf of Oren- Yaro by K.S. Villoso – Queen Talyien finds herself stranded in a different land after her attempts to reunite her own kingdom leaves her fleeing a botched assassination attempt. Alone and actively being hunted, Talyien must embrace her namesake and show her enemies that a wolf of Oren-Yaro cannot be tamed. I’m a part of the 2020 international blog tour for this book! (Thanks to Caffeine Book Tours!) A longer review will be published in the new year!

Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan – Failing to kill the King has Lei and Wren travelling all corners of the kingdom to rally support. I really liked this sequel, falls victim to middle book syndrome, but nonetheless, the secondary characters saved it from being too terrible. My full review can be found here!

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Namjoo – Taken from my review: ” This book is so simple in its concept, and the fact that it angered so many men does not surprise me. It holds a mirror to their privilege without actually calling them out, uncomfortable enough to make them uncomfortable. It lays down the facts and backs itself up, sending the message that hey this is what women are facing in Korea and it’s not okay. The story of Kim Jiyoung is full of silence but every bit powerful.

The Can Be Arranged by Huda Fahmy – Author of Yes, I’m Hot in This publishes her second book following the story of how she met and married her husband. Navigating gossiping auntys and societal expectations, Fahmy tells a hilarious story based on her experiences. Full review to come!

The Black Hawks by David Wragg – Vedren Chel thought he finally found a way to be free working under his uncle until his new job requires him to escort the prince to safety. With no choice but to obey, he finds himself across the country, killers on their tail and in the company of The Black Hawks. I really wish I had something good to say about this book. So tedious, lackluster plot, and characters that barely came out the pages. I don’t think I’ll be writing a full review because I know it will extremely negative and I’d rather refrain from that.


Dance Monkey | Happy Now | Blue Flame | Dumb | nostalgic night | Walking With You | Start the Fire | 10,000 Hours


A feature section to highlight my favourite posts from my fellow bloggers that were posted this month. 

  • My Work Experience At Penguin Publishing – With graduation only a few months away, I’ve been searching up internships and work experiences with publishers in the UK. It was just my luck when I happened to stumble upon their experiences and it was really great to hear about their experiences with Penguin.
  • Book Recommendations: Diverse Heist Stories – Heist stories are really up my alley, and I realised I don’t think I’ve read much stories about them. Luckily, the Quiet Pond comes through again with brilliant recommendations that I definitely need to check out!

That’s it for this month! Tell me what went on in YOUR life this month! What sort of things was important for you this month? New obsessions? New TV shows? Or book? Any new song recs (I’m always open to new music!)? Best books you read this month?

4 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: November 2019

  1. I just finished The Black Hawks. I really hate the pacing but I do love the interaction between the characters. I’m interested in the world but we didn’t get any explanation it felt confusing :/ It wasn’t an enjoyable read for me either but I’m kinda curious to see where it will go next.


    1. I have to admit the author got me there at the end, but everything else was too much of a drag 😫 I might watch out for the sequel though and give this one a re-read in the future, depends on reviews.


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