Monthly Rewind: April 2021


I managed to read 7 books this month! I’m slowly getting out of my reading slump and finally pushing through my TBR and ARC list! This month was so-so but looking at my upcoming TBR has me so excited!

I was not a fan of Jaigirdar’s debut, The Henna Wars, so I wasn’t expecting too much when I went into Hani and Ishu. But I was thoroughly surprised. Adiba Jaigirdar has improved a lot in her writing and story-telling! It was so sweet and fun! I even drew some fanart of Hani and Ishu!

June Hur’s newest book was released in April! I’ve been following her on twitter for quite some time now so I decided to finally get down and read her debut book! Korean period dramas have always been fascinating to me because the history is really interesting, and Bones was really thrilling! It reminded me of a K-drama I watched a few years back because of Cha Eunwoo. (Rookie Historian Goo Haeryung) The drama was rooted more in fantasy, but the plot elements were similar which I really enjoyed.

I wasn’t a huge fan so I won’t touch on this book much. Here’s a bit from my upcoming review:

“The Mismatch was a tricky book for me. Personally, I resonated a lot with Soraya; her trauma and emotions when it came to handling her culture and family felt almost similar to mine. This story is less about the romance, as suggested by the synopsis, and more about her coming to face her Muslim guilt while juggling her culture’s sexist ideas. […] the story does a great show of exploring the nuances and how the effects of it resonate throughout the family.”

When I finished reading Attack on Titan, I began to search for a new manga series and I came across Chainsaw Man a lot on twitter. The fanart for this series is impeccable which definitely drew me into the manga. The violence and dark humour can be much for some readers, but I really enjoyed it. The artstyle is amazing!

Clark’s newest book A Master of Djinn is soon to be published in the UK, so I decided to give this short piece ago because it follows around the same protagonist. It’s pretty cool. It took me some time to get used to the plot and what was going on. But I’m in love with the world building which has me hyped to read A Master of Djinn.

I loved Amanda Lovelace’s first poetry book, The Princess Saves Herself in this One, but reading Break Your Glass Slippers sorely reminds me of how much my personal taste has changed. I’m pretty sure if I re-read Princess now, I would react the same way I did reading Glass Slippers. I don’t feel any growth and her work feels repetitive. I enjoyed the Cinderella imagery and I don’t think it’s a bad poetry book, it’s just me, realising that poetry like this doesn’t really cut it for me anymore.

  • Attack on Titan – Finale (spoiler mentions for the manga finale)

I was fourteen when I first started reading and watching AOT so reaching the finale at age 23 was a very emotional moment for me. I have a lot of thoughts about the ending of Attack on Titan. I wasn’t necessary disappointed because I always expected the manga to end with Eren’s sacrifice. That was something that I knew would happen. But there was a lot of small stuff that that surprised me and I wish Isayama expanded more on before the end. I wouldn’t say it was a perfect ending because it didn’t answer a lot of questions ,For me, I wish there was a better explanation for the founder Ymir and why Mikasa was the one to break the curse. I would have loved to have see certain “ghosts” especially Marco. (Like, c’mon, that chapter between Reiner and Jean abut Marco was heart-breaking and I feel like he should’ve returned in the final moments! Even though Isabel and Furlan were introduced in a spin-off not written by Isayama, a part of me is just waiting for fan artists to re-draw the goodbye scene with them included.)


Dandelions | ONE | Mr. Perfectly Fine | The Adults are Talking | This is Home


A feature section to highlight my favourite posts from my fellow bloggers that were posted this month. 

Noura has started a new blog series highlighting different Muslim authors! I’m excited to see where this series will go!

I don’t know if I ever could leave Goodreads fully but I recently joined Readerly and I have high hopes for this app! I like the mini blurb feature a lot on this app! I have three invites left if anyone is interested in joining!

I mentioned further up in this post about Hur’s newest book and I loved Sara’s interview with her! I’m so excited to read The Forest of Stolen Girls!

That’s it for this month! Tell me what went on in YOUR life this month! What sort of things was important for you this month? New obsessions? New TV shows? Or book? Any new song recs (I’m always open to new music!)? Best books you read this month?

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