Muslims in YA

Please note: I’m speaking from the view of mainstream publishers, as there have been Islamic companies who have attempted to provide representation.

In YA novels, there are few Muslim characters. I started making this list for my cousin who wanted to read more YA novels with Muslim characters in them. So that’s why I decided to post the list here. This is by no means a completed list but it gives an indication of the novels that exist with Muslim characters in the YA publishing sphere. I’ll be continuously updating it. Please drop a comment below if I’ve missed one out! I’ve also included some books that also come under kidlit!

Note: I have not read all these books yet but I’m trying to avoid adding books that feature misrepresentation, stereotypes and tokenism – which was something I didn’t do when I made the original list two years ago. I’ll add at the end which books are removed from the list and why. It will take a while to read everything but if you’ve read a book on here and believe it includes problematic rep – please tell me and I’ll change it accordingly.

Any books labelled with *** means it features a Muslim character in the novel but not as the main protagonist. 

LAST UPDATED: 28/01/2019















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