Long Time, No See

Long Time, No See

Hi, hi! 

It has been some time since I’ve sat down and written something for my blog. Last summer, I was sure I had revived my joy for writing, and I was really excited to come back to reviewing and making content for my blog. I’ve mentioned a few times before that since I graduated in 2020, and I’ve been looking for a full-time job. Since I was 17, I have worked mainly as a waitress as I went to college/university while also running this blog as a way to keep myself creative. Lockdown had a massive effect on me and my mental health as it caused many job interviews and internships to cease as companies tried to figure out COVID. I don’t blame them; 2020 was a tough time to figure out how to keep going. 

I had thought that with all my free time while job searching, I was sure to keep my blog going, but instead, I faced a huge mental roadblock. I felt like I couldn’t write reviews because it took away from the time I could be job-searching. I even found myself reading less because I was consumed with the idea that I couldn’t allow myself the pleasure of reading if I still didn’t have a job. In all, I just felt defeated. I write this as I am 24, turning 25 this March and looking back at my early twenties feeling like I’ve done nothing remarkable. 

Sorry for the gloomy post so far. I’m hoping from now on; it will be much more positive. People always say we shouldn’t have to wait for the new year to make a change, but I find it comforting and a lot easier on my brain to use the new year as a refresher and figure out what comes next. 

So, what is next? I don’t know, and I think I’m okay with that. I’ve slowly been returning to reading more and finally sorting through my neglected TBR and ARC list. I began reading webtoons during lockdown, which I have been a great way of easing me back into reading. I do have some old reviews just sitting around that I didn’t feel 100% on posting but looking back at them, the reviews were fine; I just wasn’t in the best head space to share them. I’m excited to feel happy again about making reviews and sharing them with the world, but that isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing. I shared a few pieces of artwork here last year, but I’ve recently returned to drawing, especially digital art, which has been a blessing in disguise. It has helped me a lot whenever I was stressed, giving me another way to have the creative output that blogging usually gave me. 

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Monthly Rewind: June 2022

Monthly Rewind: June 2022


Okay, okay! A very busy month for my iPad. I did a ton of drawing this month, partly because I was procrastinating and putting off re-apply to jobs again. Cannot believe I have three months left on my contract. I am not looking forward to the process again…. 😢 But I did a lot of fun art this month, practising new styles and more (as always..) Genshin Impact fanart!

Heizou is an upcoming Genshin character who I am obsessed with. I adore the way Genshin drops hints in the story about new characters and I knew a detective Anemo user would be my style. I rarely colour my lineart so this was a new experience that I hope to practise more with.

The second picture was inspired by @lgbtanime on twitter! They posted a picture of Namjoon and Loid and I was just inspired to try my own take on the idea, and do something that wasn’t Genshin related for once in my life.

This final picture is probably my favourite work I’ve done so far. Last year, my friend, Sheila, streamed and instead of a no-cam stream, she used a png artwork of herself and I loved the idea so I made my own. This one was a process that started back in December 2021. This is the third version of my PNG self-insert. You can see the design process on twitter! The first two versions were definitely not my best work, but I like that they showed my improvement because this version was a lot better. I designed four outfits, two from Genshin, one from Demon Slayer and the final one is based on a salwar kameez that I wear all the time. I’ve also animated mouth movements so I hope to use these in my own streams one day. (That is if I ever get the courage to start…🤫)

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#Maysia Week Two Wrap-Up!

#Maysia Week Two Wrap-Up!

Hello! I am back with another #Maysia update! Today I’m sharing with you all the drawings I posted for Day 8 – 14! I tried to use this week to really branch out with the art I wanted to draw. I’m still new to using Procreate and trying to figure out what style I prefer!

Start from the beginning! If you haven’t seen Day 1 – 7 yet, you can check out the beginning of the twitter thread here!

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#Maysia Week One Wrap-Up!

#Maysia Week One Wrap-Up!

May seems to be a very creative month I see. On Twitter, I see loads of different drawing challenges. I was even contemplating partaking in #Mermay but I can barely draw humans so mythical creatures might be a step too far. However, my sister informed me of #Maysia! Maysia is a month long event aimed at Asian creatives to create anything with their chosen medium. I’ll embed one of the organiser’s tweet so you can find more information!

I mentioned before that I got an iPad for my birthday in March so I’ve been slowly practising and figuring out my own personal style. Maysia is a lot of fun because I’m trying really hard to branch out and try different styles as I go down the prompts. I’m sharing my art on Twitter, but I would it would be fun to also share it here on the blog as well! I’ll be posting my art in weekly updates! I draw using my iPad and the app Procreate!

Day One: Self-portrait

My sister told me about the event May 2nd so I had to rush my first two posts so I don’t fall behind! I seem to fall back on this pose a lot in my drawings especially if I’m working without a reference. Check out the embed below to see the entire Twitter thread!

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