The Great British Bake Off Book Tag!


Everyone is probably most likely well aware of the British programme Great British Bake Off. If you’re not, The Great British Bake Off, often referred to as Bake Off or GBBO, is a television baking competition which selects from amongst its contestants the best amateur baker. And it’s one of the best things that have graced our screen here in the UK. This is my first attempt at a book tag. During my initial search, I hadn’t found a GBBO book tag and, therefore, created this one. But with a little more digging (well for me, clicking google page 2) I found out that ReadingWithJack on YouTube had already made one. I considered not to post my one but then I saw his and realised his ones are actually really different to mine. (And I didn’t want to let the graphics go to waste….)


  • Link back to my blog is appreciated but optional. Feel free to use my graphics. TBH it is horrendous so I wouldn’t expect anyone to use them
  • Tag people, don’t tag people, whatever. Just have fun.
  • Ready, get set, Bake! (or tag)

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