Comic Review: Ms Marvel: No Normal (Volume One)


Rating: ★★★★☆

No Normal is Kamala Khan’s origin story. The story of how she suddenly finds herself with the power to shift into anyone she wants and can enlargen her own body parts. In the first volume, it’s mainly Kamala spending time coming to term with her new powers while struggling to hide it from her real life, where she struggles to fit in with her friends while trying not to disappoint her family.

I loved this from start to finish. Kamala is so relatable, quirky and adorably funny! And the way Wilson incorporated her family and religion was done so well. She made it feel natural and added truth depth to Kamala.

Adrian’s artwork is so gorgeous and funny, I loved it so much. The way he draws the dramatic and comedic artwork is so good and nice. I loved the style and the colours, it works well with the story and made it more memorable for me. I definitely need to see more of his art.

This small section is spoilerish, I guess, but I just really wanted to point it out. Kamala’s superhero outfit consists of a burkini which she decorates and designs herself. Having witnessed so many people being denied the choice to wear the religious garment they want and don’t want to wear, for example, in 2016 we witnessed a Muslim woman being forced to take off her hijab by armed police in public. The fact that Kamala uses that garment to create her image of Ms Marvel was so so important to me.

Overall, what a great start to a comic series I know will be a favourite. There’s so much growth I can see happening with this series. I, personally, would like to see more of Bruno (how Kamala met him and how they became friends) and hope there are more cameos from other superheroes that Kamala admires.


3 thoughts on “Comic Review: Ms Marvel: No Normal (Volume One)

  1. Nice review. Yes, I see so much potential in this story. I’ve also only read the first volume, but I expect great things in the coming volumes. I went on a graphic novel hunting spree a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find Volume 2 anywhere! I will have to hunt it down online, instead.

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