Comic Review: Ms Marvel: Generation Why (Volume Two)


Rating: ★★★★★


Ms. Marvel returns! And now she has to face the Inventor! Working alongside one of her favourite superheroes and meeting Inhumanity for the first time, Kamala bands together with some of the most unlikely of people to stop Inventor before he does real damage.

I’m just going to apologise in advance. This isn’t a review. This is me just flailing as I try to attempt to describe how GOOD this was! In volume one, there was something about it that stopped me from giving it 5 stars but Generation Why was even more enjoyable than No Normal. Kamala is even more adorable and hilarious. In Generation Why, Kamala learns more about the nature of her powers. After her encounter with Wolverine during a mission, both Wolverine and Kamala became more curious about her possible origins.

Her self-appointed role as New Jersey City’s superhero has caught the interest of Inhumanity. (Since I don’t read comic books, I actually had no idea who they were but a quick google search cleared that up!) They send a superpowered watchdog called Lockjaw to aid her in missions. And this page is one of the funniest in the two volumes I’ve read.

In this issue, the villain sees the current generation of youth as shallow and I loved how Kamala faced the topic of how this generation is undermined by the previous one – calling us self-entitled, unambitious and lazy. I thought this was a great topic to tackle and it worked well using Kamala to tell it, a young teen who is suffering from a generational gap that everyone faces. She admits our flaws but doesn’t excuse or condemn them either. I love how passionate Kamala is, and how she refuses to see her and others her age as a lost cause. She gives a speech, while cheesy as heck it was to read, it was a well-timed moment of self-awareness which just stacks up the moments and things I love about her.

Simply put, this is so good! As always, the art is good and so hilarious! I recommend this to anyone. Go read it and see what you’re missing out on!


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