#ArcAugust Wrap Up

Okay, I’m going to need someone to remind me to never do two or more reading challenges at once because I have zero planning skills. I managed to read all my books within the month but it was a rush since I developed the biggest reading slump, then result’s day happened and I was working a lot as well. But here’s my wrap up of the books I read for ArcAugust and my thoughts on them!


Mask of Shadows

A non-binary thief enters a royal competition to join an elite group of assassins to avenge their past. An interesting fantasy novel which I thoroughly enjoyed. While there were moments where it felt slow and Sal’s personality took a while to take a liking but nonetheless one of the better books I read for #ArcAugust! It’s quite like Throne of Glass in the way that I know I would find myself enjoying the sequel better because it’s getting to the part of the plot that interested me since both spend a lot of time with stuff like training and fighting.  3/5

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

I.. actually don’t remember much about the main plot of this for some reason aside from some major plot points. But I do remember really enjoying the portrayal of friendship groups in this, it was quite intense but there were some really sweet moments. 2/5

Street Song

An ex teen idol finds himself running away from home, and learning to love music in new ways than he first thought. I really enjoy the realistic events in following Ryan’s failures and how he manages to grow and change as a person. Some side characters were left unexplored and quite inconsistent in some moments. But still a good read. 3/5

Fates Fable

A young author finds herself in an adventure where she must ‘fix’ different fairy tales to escape. Great concept but execution didn’t hold up. Pacing was a bit dodgy as there were only mere moments spent in one tale while months in others. And that use of a magically notebook that seemly had limited pages but the characters kept wasting them on things that they didn’t need and its limitation is not brought up again. 2/5


A sequel to Passenger where Etta and Nicholas are in a literal race against time to stop her grandfather from commandeering time itself for his own selfish gain. I wasn’t a huge fan of Passenger but Wayfarer but better in my opinion. It was more exciting and fast pace with a very satisfying ending. It’s strange to read a series where I enjoyed the second one more than the first. I’m glad I stuck with this, it was great. 5/5

Waking Gods

A return to the group of scientists who discovered a giant robot with the arrival of others and even more secrets. So much happens and it’s so interesting, a damn great sequel with an ending that makes your jaw drop. 5/5


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