Monthly Rewind: January 2018

Perhaps it’s weird that I can still have a wrap-up without blogging all that much, but I kept a promise to myself to blog more often, even if it means I’m rambling a lot. Despite my inactive first month, I’ve been reading a bit more – not the amount I used to read, but it’s enough to feel like I’m getting back on track.


  • New Year’s Resolution | I actually set myself proper new resolutions which I intend to stick to. TLDR: Blog more frequently, read more, improve Bengali and do booktube.
  • Finish the first semester at university | because my timetable meant I only came in two days a week, it didn’t really feel like going to university, if that makes any sense. Luckily for me, my timetable for the second semester is a bit better, and I can plan work and other stuff around it more efficiently.
  • I also remade my Muslims in YA list. The previous one was two years old and severely outdated. You can now find it here (still a work in progress though!!)



Dumplin’, Julie Murphy | The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One, Amanda Lovelace | 27 Hours, Tristina Wright | Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge | Lambs can Always Become Lions, Charlotte Anne Hamilton | Zenith, Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings | Root., Melissa Tripp [REREAD] | The Sun and Her Flowers, Rupi Kaur


I am going to try and make this list as less K-pop as possible, but this month was so good for K-pop, so please take a listen to some of these.

  • Bboom Bboom – MOMOLAND | I’m so glad this song gave Momoland more exposure. They’ve always released catchy and fun music, but they really outdid themselves with this entire mini-album.
  • My, my, my – Troye Sivan | I feel I haven’t heard any new music from Troye in a while, he’s a frequent artist on most of my writing playlist, so I’m really excited to hear him release new stuff.
  • Rollercoaster – Chung Ha | Chungha’s first comeback and I’m so pleased it turned out so great!
  • Proud Corazón – Anthony Gonzales | I watched Coco last week with my sister, and I adored it so much! The story was so cute, and the soundtrack was so beautiful.
  • My Flower – JBJ | JBJ always release such good music and have such great stages with them.

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