Review: I’ll Be the One

Review: I’ll Be the One

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Skye Shin takes a chance by auditioning in a US K-pop music competition where contestants must compete against each other to impress the judges in a bid to win an opportunity to train in a South Korean music company. She’s up against hundreds of hopeful youths who are aiming to please the crowds, and she nails her audition, despite facing comments about her weight from the judges. But she has her sights set on success and no one, not even her overbearing mother and a growing crush on her competition, can stop her.

I had very high expectations for I’ll Be the One, and it’s so frustrating when you read a book that has so much potential, but it fails immensely in its execution. Skye is a young teen who has faced continuously comments about her weight, from passerby’s and their wandering eyes to her mother, who never fails to make at least one comment about her daughter’s body. She has grown quite the thick skin which makes her audition for a rising K-pop star competition go viral when she stands up to the judgemental comments about her body. Suddenly, everyone wants to know who she is and the comments come flooding in. Her mother wants her to quit, but Skye can’t give up the opportunity this win could give her. A chance to live in South Korea while training to be a potential K-pop star. That doesn’t help that Skye also has a crush on a fellow competitor, Henry Cho, who comes from a chaebol family (business conglomerate) and is notoriously known for his social media presence.

I’ll Be the One‘s greatest strength was the conversation about body-shaming and Skye’s journey as she navigates her life as a fat girl.  Even though it isn’t own-voices, it was the part that stuck out the most to me and felt the most realistic. My own body isn’t that far off from Skye, and it truly felt like I was looking through my own eyes in some moments. I’m not Korean, but there is a similarity in Asian cultures about body types. My heart ached for Skye as she tries to prove her worth to her own mother. The latter who brushes everything off and continues to force very harmful ideals to her daughter, and does not take into account her feelings and thoughts in the entire process. I also really loved Skye as a character.

Okay, and here comes the rest of it. A lot of the book is about Skye’s internal struggle as she faces fatphobic comments about her body, and I wish the rest of the novel also stood as firm as those elements. Everything else about this book just felt flat. I found the writing style to be so weak, close to the point where I almost didn’t enjoy the book anymore. The dialogue felt so bulky that it read as unrealistic at some points. Some characters were terrific, especially Skye’s little group of friends that she makes in the competition were so sweet. You get some brilliant characters that are well thought out, and then others feel one-dimensional, and it was quite jarring to read. The romance for me was a miss, there was no build-up between the two, and it all felt forced for the sake of the plot. At one point, they would’ve been better off as close friends. There’s a lot of moments where we’re told how to feel rather than showing it play out, and it makes the story progression feel too easy.

The thing about I’ll Be the One is that I can see what the author was trying to create her, and I was so ready to praise this book hard from the very beginning. Still, it lacked in small areas that, overall, impacted my reading experience. I understand this review feels so negative, but I do believe in this book. And I would recommend it to anyone interested in the summary because it was still a fun book to read. It’s one of those books where you really have to take into account your own reading taste. Because I thought I would enjoy this, and while I did somewhat enjoy it, it still lacked in certain aspects. I don’t know if this book will continue to be a series in the future. And I’m not sure if I would be ready to follow Skye’s story in the future.


Monthly Rewind: July 2018

This is a very rushed Monthly Rewind post. I am so sick at the moment but I really, really wanted to post this. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to read this month because my sister was getting married so the last two week of July was just wedding mayhem. All I remember is running around and then falling off the stage! (Luckily the camera was on my sister the entire time.)

welcoming him to the family (via instagram)



Run, riot | The Gauntlet | American Panda | Tyler Johnson was Here | The Poet X | Honor Among Thieves 



That’s it for this month! Tell me what went on in YOUR life this month! What sort of things was important for you this month? New obsessions? New TV shows? Or book? Any new song recs (I’m always open to new music!)? Best books you read this month?

Monthly Rewind: April 2018



The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (2/5) – I’ve decided not to write a write for this one since I’m trying to limit the number of negative reviews I write but I really did not enjoy this one. Which is a shame since I do usually like the books Book Twitter recommends. There’s nothing that really gripped me but it was well written and mildly entertaining at some points. But what really didn’t stick with me was the possible love interest going from almost killing Jude and allowing others to bully her into falling in love with her.

Come to the Rocks by Christin Haws (5/5) –

Midnight Sun by Trish Cook (2/5) – A novelisation of the 2018 movie that made never want to see the film.

Animal Farm by George Orwell (4/5) –  I finally managed to get around to reading Animal Farm. I’ve always known the plot and had seen the animated movie but never really got around to reading the actual book?

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Monthly Rewind: March 2018



A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (3/5) – From what I can tell, this book is clearly a beloved children’s series in the US but here in the UK, it isn’t as popular. I wasn’t even aware of this book until the film project was announced. But this is a really cute and fun story, I kind of wish I had read this as a child. (I vaguely remember my primary school focusing on UK authors when it came to English and reading groups)

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus (3/5) – The first half of this book was soo good, it was really engaging and fun but I felt a bit disappointed towards the end.

The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist (2/5) –  Interesting plot but I found it a bit too ambiguous to really enjoy it.

Final Draft by Riley Redgate (5/5) – Stolen from my review of Final Draft: Final Draft is a coming of age story about grief, first love and self-love as Laila learns to manage the fear that holds her back. It’s very relatable, straightforward and entertaining to read.

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Monthly Rewind: February, 2018

Monthly Rewind: February, 2018


    • This isn’t a life update, but more of a weather update. It snowed down here in Brighton, like heavily, with enough to settle. There hasn’t been like that like in Brighton in almost ten years. I still vividly remember the time it was. And I took some great pictures as well.

  • Aside from me getting excited over damn snow, this month was not very active. I’m settling into my second semester at university while also working a few days a week. Just doing what I can to get by, really.



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Monthly Rewind: January 2018

Perhaps it’s weird that I can still have a wrap-up without blogging all that much, but I kept a promise to myself to blog more often, even if it means I’m rambling a lot. Despite my inactive first month, I’ve been reading a bit more – not the amount I used to read, but it’s enough to feel like I’m getting back on track.


  • New Year’s Resolution | I actually set myself proper new resolutions which I intend to stick to. TLDR: Blog more frequently, read more, improve Bengali and do booktube.
  • Finish the first semester at university | because my timetable meant I only came in two days a week, it didn’t really feel like going to university, if that makes any sense. Luckily for me, my timetable for the second semester is a bit better, and I can plan work and other stuff around it more efficiently.
  • I also remade my Muslims in YA list. The previous one was two years old and severely outdated. You can now find it here (still a work in progress though!!)



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