Monthly Rewind: March 2018



A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (3/5) – From what I can tell, this book is clearly a beloved children’s series in the US but here in the UK, it isn’t as popular. I wasn’t even aware of this book until the film project was announced. But this is a really cute and fun story, I kind of wish I had read this as a child. (I vaguely remember my primary school focusing on UK authors when it came to English and reading groups)

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus (3/5) – The first half of this book was soo good, it was really engaging and fun but I felt a bit disappointed towards the end.

The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist (2/5) –  Interesting plot but I found it a bit too ambiguous to really enjoy it.

Final Draft by Riley Redgate (5/5) – Stolen from my review of Final Draft: Final Draft is a coming of age story about grief, first love and self-love as Laila learns to manage the fear that holds her back. It’s very relatable, straightforward and entertaining to read.

Because You Love to Hate Me by Various Authors in collaboration with 13 Booktubers (3/5) – Oof, I have to say this was kind of dull even though the lineup and concepts are impressive. I found some stories to be a hit or miss. I LOVED Soman Chainani, Susan Dennard, Marissa Meyer, Cindy Pon and Samantha Shannon’s pieces. I have to be honest but the Booktuber section really did nothing for me, a few were entertaining but that is all I can say. They were like semi-reviews or responses to the author pieces, which I found really unique and cute way to link up authors and booktubers. But I’m not really a fan of any of these booktubers, aside from Whitney.

Warcross by Marie Lu (5/5) – THE BEST BOOK I READ THIS MONTH. I’M MAD THIS IS THE FIRST MARIE LU BOOK I’VE READ. WHAT HAVE I BEEN DEPRIVING MYSELF OF? (I felt like there should’ve been more about the design of the game since I didn’t feel like it was explored enough) BUT IT’S VERY THRILLING AND VERY FUN. (somewhat predictable though, I guessed that plot twist very early on, and the romance was a bit underwhelming)

Kumukanda by Kayombo Chingonyi (3/5) –  My library has recently updated their e-book system, now moving to a different app and I found this while browsing the poetry section. (Not going to lie, not a huge of the library change, it really only gives us access to popular books while the previous one let us see lesser known books 😦 )

 M U S I C 


  • Samuel – ONE – Samuel hasn’t disappointed once in any of songs so far. I have such high hopes for him. Please take a listen!!
  • This Is Me – Keala Settle – This song hasn’t left my mind since I saw The Greatest Showman. I wasn’t a huge fan of the film but the soundtrack blew me away.
  • Egoist – Olivia Hye – It’s been over a year since I discovered LOONA and it’s strange to finally see the final lineup revealed. Egoist is such a great song and I’m excited about their final debut.
  • GO – NCT DREAM – My favourite NCT subunit releasing one of my new favourite songs of theirs. It’s strange not seeing them do cute for the NCT 2018 but still I love it.
  • Old Friends (Jonas Blue Remix) – Jasmine Thompson – This song is so annoyingly catching. Every time I try to move away from it, it comes back on shuffle and I have to listen to it on repeat for like an hour.
  • Boomerang – Wanna One – Boomerang is a bop! I hope for the best for these boys.
  • Destroyer – Monsta X –  the link is to the music film for The Connect. Monsta X is killing it with the time travel concept and Destroyer is my favourite song on the album!!

I usually have a blog section where I have links to posts I’ve read from this month, but sadly, I lost the bookmarks I had of them.  😦

That’s it for this month! Tell me what went on in YOUR life this month! What sort of things was important for you this month? New obsessions? New TV shows? Or book? Any new song recs (I’m always open to new music!)? Best books you read this month?

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