Monthly Rewind: April 2018



The Cruel Prince by Holly Black (2/5) – I’ve decided not to write a write for this one since I’m trying to limit the number of negative reviews I write but I really did not enjoy this one. Which is a shame since I do usually like the books Book Twitter recommends. There’s nothing that really gripped me but it was well written and mildly entertaining at some points. But what really didn’t stick with me was the possible love interest going from almost killing Jude and allowing others to bully her into falling in love with her.

Come to the Rocks by Christin Haws (5/5) –

Midnight Sun by Trish Cook (2/5) – A novelisation of the 2018 movie that made never want to see the film.

Animal Farm by George Orwell (4/5) –  I finally managed to get around to reading Animal Farm. I’ve always known the plot and had seen the animated movie but never really got around to reading the actual book?

Shatter Me series (1-3) by Tahereh Mafi (3/5) – This series is a solid three for me and I don’t see it ever going higher than that even now. (I’m currently reading Restore Me) I used to be confused as it why I never really saw any fans talk about anything other than Warner and Juliette but I slowly realised that’s all there really this to this series. I feel like the dystopian world part of it just feels like an afterthought and I think what I like most about Restore Me is that it’s actually showing more about the world its set in. I understand that Warner is supposed to be a changed man but like I said with The Cruel Prince, I just don’t like it when the relationship starts with one person being absolutely terrible to their significant other. That being said, I didn’t like Adam either. Kenji is growing on me, mainly because he isn’t a love interest and his banter with Juliette is actually funny. Is it possible to like an author but not their books? Because the only reason I kept this series on my TBR is that I like Tahereh and the stuff she posts LOL.


M U S I C 


No Aroha, Weme or Buddies come at me, I know Time for the Moon Night and Language just came out like twelve hours ago. But I’ve already listened to it like thirty times already SO IT COUNTS.

  • Language by Ji Suyeon (Weki Meki) and Moon Bin (ASTRO) – Members from my two favourite k-pop groups, with my favourite member (Suyeon), doing a duet? Fantagio, I won’t complain about you guys for like a day now as thanks.
  • No Tear Left to Cry by Ariana Grande –
  • LADY by EXID – I have to admit wasn’t expecting EXID to pull this kind of concept but it works for them. Lady is a fun tune. (I miss you, Solji)
  • Time for the Moon Night by Gfriend – Thank me later
  • Lo Siento by Super Junior – K-pop has found Latin American music this past year and I really liked the Leslie Grace feature. Wouldn’t really call myself an ELF but Suju always releases catchy tunes.
  • Navillera by Gfriend – Their label has finally put their first full album on Spotify so obviously I had Navillera on repeat this entire month.
  • High Horse by Kacey Musgraves – I see Kacey Musgraves on my timeline all the time. I thought she was an author at first because I had never heard of her before. But this song is so calming and nice to listen to!

2 thoughts on “Monthly Rewind: April 2018

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy The Cruel Prince! I never like both Warner and Adam, but what you’re saying it’s really true: the romance comes first in Shatter Me, and the dystopia element felt like an afterthought. Both love interest are horrible really :/

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    1. It was shame about Cruel Prince :/ Same with Shatter Me, it’s such a loved series and I hate feeling let down, especially since I was really anticipating that I would enjoy both series 😦


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