#YARC2019 – Progress update!

Hello and welcome to my update on my progress of the Year of the Asian 2019 (#YARC2019) reading challenge. If you’re new and don’t know what that is, I’ll link to my sign up post with all the important details. But the basics of this challenge is to simply read books by Asian authors. What I love about this challenge is that it’s not much of a challenge for me. My main reading goals, in general, is to read diversely and what I appreciate about #YARC2019 is its simplicity. I’m already reading books by Asian authors and this just challenge allows me to monitor those numbers closely. 

Green and blue award badge with a Malaya Tapir in the center, and with three gold stars above the award.
credit: thequietpond

My biggest update is that I finally reached my 30th book, meaning I’ve completed my intended reading tier which was the Malayan Tapir (21-30 books). You can check out my progress tracker here, which includes all the books I’ve read and links to ones that have reviews!

My favourite reads of this challenge so far have been:

Anyway, sorry for the short post, but I just wanted to make a quick update! I start my final year of university soon so I’m glad I managed to hit my tier before the madness of third-year truly kicks in! Thanks for reading and good luck to anyone else partaking! 

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