#Maysia Week One Wrap-Up!

May seems to be a very creative month I see. On Twitter, I see loads of different drawing challenges. I was even contemplating partaking in #Mermay but I can barely draw humans so mythical creatures might be a step too far. However, my sister informed me of #Maysia! Maysia is a month long event aimed at Asian creatives to create anything with their chosen medium. I’ll embed one of the organiser’s tweet so you can find more information!

I mentioned before that I got an iPad for my birthday in March so I’ve been slowly practising and figuring out my own personal style. Maysia is a lot of fun because I’m trying really hard to branch out and try different styles as I go down the prompts. I’m sharing my art on Twitter, but I would it would be fun to also share it here on the blog as well! I’ll be posting my art in weekly updates! I draw using my iPad and the app Procreate!

Day One: Self-portrait

My sister told me about the event May 2nd so I had to rush my first two posts so I don’t fall behind! I seem to fall back on this pose a lot in my drawings especially if I’m working without a reference. Check out the embed below to see the entire Twitter thread!

Day Two: Language

My family is all from Bangladesh and I grew up speaking some Bengali. I struggle a lot learning and remembering words so I only really speak it when I’m talking to my mum or if someone else initiates a conversation in Bengali. Otherwise, my speaking skills aren’t so great which leads to me feeling rather awkward speaking Bengali.

Day Three: Fruit

I was contemplating whether to draw lychees or jackfruit, both which were staple fruits growing up. But I decided to opt for jackfruit because I was craving some at the time. Also went for a much cuter design this time!

Day Four: Traditions

Okay, this story has layers. I was thinking a lot about traditions, and I couldn’t really think of one that I was able to draw within my skill set. So I decided to twist the prompt a little and choose one of the longest running jokes in my family which arose from my decision to eat an old bag of crisps. So now this cursed phrase is said whenever someone is contemplating eating food that is close to being out of date. Even if someone unintentional says it, we all end up laughing because we’re reminded of that cursed day I decided to open my mouth.

Day Five: Traditional Wear

I’ve only ever worn a saree once in my life and it did not go well. I just don’t feel comfortable in them at all. I prefer salwar kameez because it’s easier to move in. But here is the start of trying out different art styles!

Day Six: Historical Event

This one was an easy choice to pick! March 26th. It commemorates the Bangladesh’s declaration of independence from Pakistan. It also happens to be my birthday which is rather fitting for a Bangladeshi girl.

Day Seven: Music

I unearthed my old iPod touch the other day and when I pulled up the music, it seems like I was listening to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now, which is one of my favourite album of hers. I can’t wait to someday hear Taylor’s Version!

Originally tweeted by zaheerah (@toldbyzaheerah) on May 2, 2021.

Well, that’s all for week one! I had a lot of fun with this challenge so far. I’ve been keeping it rather safe for now, but I really want to use this opportunity to branch out and try out different art styles! Follow me on twitter for daily updates on the challenge!

5 thoughts on “#Maysia Week One Wrap-Up!

  1. I love the idea of Maysia! Such a creative venture! Also, I totally understand the saree dilemma! I wore a saree maybe a handful of times and I found it so stressful making sure everything stays in place! LOL! I love your personal style BTW! There’s something new and simple about it! Good luck with the rest of Maysia!

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