#Maysia Week Two Wrap-Up!

Hello! I am back with another #Maysia update! Today I’m sharing with you all the drawings I posted for Day 8 – 14! I tried to use this week to really branch out with the art I wanted to draw. I’m still new to using Procreate and trying to figure out what style I prefer!

Start from the beginning! If you haven’t seen Day 1 – 7 yet, you can check out the beginning of the twitter thread here!

Day Eight: Cityscape

This one is actually one of my favourites so far! The idea of doing an actual cityscape was a little intimidating so I decided to draw an art piece that you can find in my hometown, Brighton! I was ten years old when this piece was first installed, and it’s always so memorable. Whenever family come down to visit, we often walk past this as we descend onto the beach!

Day Nine: Casual wear

I consider my general personal style casual wear so this prompt was right up my alley! I still struggled to decide what to draw so I ended up posted a sketch of a jumper I had seen online but it was sold out in my size 😦

Day Ten: Plants

I was short on time for Day Ten so I opted to post a piece that was intended for a separate series of artwork. I was planning on drawing flowers from my favourite fictional games and the only one I was okay with sharing was from my current brainrot, Genshin Impact. Glaze lilies are my favourite flowers from the game, and I’m currently on a farming spree for levelling up my Ningguang. (If you’re on the EU server, send me your UID! Bonus points if you have Diluc because I’m still patiently waiting for him to ruin my 50/50 and come home)

Day Eleven: Traditional Food

Had to pay homage to the national fish of Bangladesh!

Day Twelve: Wedding

Trying out animation! I had to use a reference for this piece and I really liked how it turned out! Makes me want to try out more animation in the future! Context: I had fallen off the stage at my sister’s Nikkah back in 2018 so when I saw the wedding prompt, I knew it had to be done.

Day Thirteen: Holidays

I love the timing of the prompts because Eid actually happened on Day 13 as well! This design was inspired by those Eid cards we used to receive growing up!

Day Fourteen: Fantasy

I found a half written manuscript in my drive about a child vampire and his human best friends. So I decided to draw the main leads of that manuscript! Perhaps one day I will revisit that story once I find a more stable job. Job hunting is a pain 😦

Originally tweeted by zaheerah (@toldbyzaheerah) on May 2, 2021.

Well, that is now the end of Week Two. Thank you so much for checking out my post. Like I mentioned before, I’m new to drawing so I would really appreciate feedback! Follow me on twitter for daily updates on the challenge! See you in the next update!

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