#Maysia Week Three Wrap-Up!

Hello! I am back with another #Maysia update! Today I’m sharing with you all the drawings I posted for Day 15 – 21! I tried to use this week to really branch out with the art I wanted to draw. I’m still new to using Procreate and trying to figure out what style I prefer!

Start from the beginning! If you haven’t seen Day 1 – 7 yet, you can check out the beginning of the twitter thread here!

Day Fifteen: Landscape

A postcard-inspired design of the Seven Sister’s Cliff. The location of these cliffs aren’t far off from Brighton. I would definitely recommend coming to visit here if you ever make your way to the south east of the UK!

Day Sixteen: Street Fashion

Inspired by an outfit I saw Yara Shahidi wear!

Day Seventeen: Animals

Jiji is one of my favourite Ghibli animals so of course he would be my choice for this prompt!

Day Eighteen: Hobbies

Very simple. Gaming, reading and now drawing I guess!

Day Nineteen: Hairstyles

I guess hijab-styles? I’ve had the same hijab style since I was fourteen so I decided to highlight my favourite colours to wear!

Day Twenty: Special Events

I don’t know about you but whenever Leif was on my island, I considered it a pretty special event! He’s one of my favourite AC characters. (still waiting on Brewster’s return……)

Day Twenty-One: Folktales

One thing I’ve noticed about South-East Asian folktales is the art and the interesting style they use! I really liked this one because I got to branch out from my usual go-to style and try my own take on folklore art!

Originally tweeted by zaheerah (@toldbyzaheerah) on May 2, 2021.

Well, that is now the end of Week Three! Thank you so much for checking out my post. Like I mentioned before, I’m new to drawing so I would really appreciate feedback! Follow me on twitter for daily updates on the challenge! See you in the next (and final) update!

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