#Maysia Final Wrap-Up!

Hello! I know I disappeared for quite some time, with lockdown restrictions lifting here in the UK, it meant that I had to return to work which means life is basically one big mess at the moment. While I enjoy waitressing at my current place, I’m trying to look for post-graduation jobs. I’ve been looking for full-time work since last summer and this whole year of job searching has taken a toll on me mentally. But I think I’m starting to feel a lot better and it completely slipped my mind to update my #Maysia progress on here! If you need a refresher on #Maysia, I’ve included the original Twitter thread below!

Start from the beginning! If you haven’t seen Day 1 – 21 yet, you can check out the beginning of the twitter thread here! or see their blogs posts, week 1, week 2 and week 3!

Day Twenty- Two: Room

Despite being one of the most simpler drawings, I actually really liked drawing the perspective of my room. This is the exact view from where I’m typing right now! I don’t have enough space for a desk so I use my laptop/ipad on a fold out table on the floor.

Day Twenty-Three: Pyjamas

Ignore the weird posing, I used this prompt to practise to body posing. I was halfway through the line art when I realised I forgot to add my Leavers’ hoodie onto the outfit. My pyjamas consist of a random Primark PJ set I bought years ago and my secondary school leavers’ hoodie.

Day Twenty-Four: Street Food

We used to spent the summer in London as children and that usually consisted of being taken to Southall for shopping while we ran around the mannequins, waiting until we could buy £1 corn and kulfi.

Day Twenty-Five: Games

I think this might be my favourite Maysia post! A meme drawing from one of my favourite video games, Shadow of the Colossus. (ft one of my favourite vines!) Dirge is the only boss I could not fight because it required the use of a horse and using a bow, which is literally my two weaknesses in video games. I had to give up the controller to my brother who did it in five minutes.

Day Twenty-Six: Summer

It was during this time, I was getting ready to go back to work so my posts become very rushes from here onwards. I decided to draw my favourite summer fruits!

Day Twenty-Seven: Family Photo

Ink and Bone is one of my favourite YA books, and it remains top spot even after all these years. Hearing about Rachel Caine’s passing last year truly devastated me as she was an author who influenced me in so many ways. I knew I had to draw my favourite six kids. Consider this a Modern-Day AU I guess?

Day Twenty-Eight: Fond Memories

During Lockdown, I went through some of our old family videos and there is one of my younger brother getting excited over receiving Donkey Kong and Zack & Wiki for his birthday! It’s one of my favourite videos because he gets so hyper and happy over it.

Day Twenty-Nine: Home

Some sketches of Brighton! My hometown! Very basic but I considered it good practise in sketching!

Day Thirty: Family

The more I look at this, the more I decide I really don’t like it but I needed something to post. I was reaaaally short on time so I decided to draw Diluc and Kaeya from Genshin Impact. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me yelling about these two already. I just wish they reconciled, they deserve it the most. (also, Diluc, I’ve been trying to pull your character for five months now PLEASE COME HOME)

Day Thirty-One: Up to you

Before getting my iPad in March, the last time I drew something digitally was back in 2013. I even had to scroll through my facebook history to find this old artwork of Hiccup from HTTYD and see how I would draw it now. I used a wacom tablet to draw the original and I found it quite tricky to use. I find using Procreate a lot more smoother and much more convenient. I practise a lot before work nowadays.

Originally tweeted by zaheerah (@toldbyzaheerah) on May 2, 2021.

Well, I finally managed to get my shit together and post the final update for Maysia. You can find me on Twitter to see more art progression. I’m always open for feedback and hopefully, you’ll see me more often on the blog! See you soon!

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